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ORA is a brand of artistic jewelry founded on the passion to create art that is most practical and closest to people. What distinguishes ORA on the Polish jewellery market is its intense and full color, courage in combining materials, eye-catching forms and a wide selection of products from minimalist mono-colored jewellery to handicrafts full of shapes and colors.

We run our gallery in the heart of Cracow just by the Main Square where the jewellery is handcrafted. To its production we use the highest quality materials which we buy from local suppliers or we bring them as travel souvenirs.

ORA was establishedin 2000 by Jolanta Wrona, a sculpture conservation technician and a graduate of artistic education.. Her mission and passion is to create jewellery that becomes an element of everyday wardrobe. She assumes that pearls are also worn with jeans.

Each customer coming to the Gallery will receive professional assistance in choosing jewelry according to the circumstances and preferences, and the online buyer can be assured of our commitment and individual approach to the implementation of the order.

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